my name is evelina, this is my life and stuff.

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Go check out my instagram for offers on original drawings. They are only 10 dollars each. Please help me out!

Anonymous asked: Can you explain the picture to me? Sorry I'm just confused

It’s from a show called full metal alchemist and that man turned his daughter and dog into a chimera, a mix of two species. It’s very sad and disturbing. Watch the show, it’s awesome.

How can a relationship last if you don’t share the same values in life, have the same view on politics or religion? Is sexual passion enough in the long run?

The Story So Far - The Glass (x)

why am i allowed to be bored?

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remember when my hair was orange?

Anonymous asked: Is that dog sitting thing supposed to be a gif?

No it’s just a picture

Paramore - Escape Route

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when you dont have enough money to pay for daycare AND dog sitting


This by far the most fucked up post on the internet.

So not okay

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Selling original drawings through instagram!


$10 a piece. Comment on the one you’d be interesting in buying. And help spread the word on here to help me out.

Instagram: evelinathoren

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Birthday: june 22nd

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

Height: 5’5

Time Zone: UTC +1

Time and Date Where You Are: 8:17 pm august 29th

Average Hours of Sleep: like 8-10 hours 

OTP’s: chayley

Last Thing I Googled: open hours at the pharmacy

First Word That Comes Mind: yup

Last Thing Said to a Family Member: “det jordvänliga vineriet”

A Place That Makes You Happy and Why: my apartment cause it’s mine and mine alone

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep Under: one

Favorite Beverage: water, mtn dew

Last Movie Seen In The Cinema: can’t remember

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paramorons asked: We have the same birthday 😊


whaaaaaaaaat?  that means you also have the same birthday as the fabulous evelinathoren!  :D

How awesome is that?!

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Feeling blue #me #hair

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